søndag 27.05 - 2018


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Haemophagus were formed in Palermo (Sicily, Italy) in 2004 to follow the Giant Steps of slaughtering sonic cults like DEATH, REPULSION, CARCASS, AUTOPSY, NAPALM DEATH, PUNGENT STENCH and BLACK SABBATH. Throughout a few line-up changes with only David (drums) and Giorgio (guitar and vocals) surviving, Haemophagus have always tried to deliver grinding and thrashing death metal, releasing splits with, among the others, AGATHOCLES, BONESAW, GRIND CRUSHER, REPUKED, a full-length album (Slaves to the Necromancer); touring a fair portion of Italy and Europe, playing grindcore's Woodstock - OEF in 2011 as well as Bloodshed fest (Eindhoven 2011), Blutsvente (Berlin 2012) and so on. A four piece since 2010 - with Gas on bass and Gioele on guitar, Haemophagus have recently recorded a new album, entitled "Atrocious", after which more gigging followed. Two 7" splits (with SUBJUGATION from Turkey and MAUSOLEUM from the US) are released right before the band's return at Tone Deaf studios, this time to record their 3rd full-length album. This new work will be entitled "Stream of Shadows". Haemophagus and Gas part ways in September and the new album is recorded by Giorgio, Gioele and David only.
The album is eventually released on CD by SELFMADEGOD records (POL) and Lycanthropic Chants (GER) on vinyl in the first half of 2017.

Hailing from Italy, EKPYROSIS stands as a promising reality in the field of death metal worship. These four maniacs, all in their early 20s, deliver a low-end, suffocating, multiple vocals blend of aggressive high paced death metal and down-tempo doom death sections, yet with a touch of gloom.
Formed in 2013, Ekpyrosis has kept a very active profile in the death metal underground, receiving encouraging attentions in their national scene and around Europe.
In January 2017 their debut album "Asphyxiating Devotion" has been published in CD format by Spanish old-school death metal label Memento Mori, while an LP version has been published in July 2017 by long-running Italian underground institution Terror From Hell Records.The album has been critically acclaimed by webzines all around the world, premiering on Invisible Oranges, No Clean Singing and Trascending Obscurity, and has been officially picked up as one of the best and more purchased new metal releases on Bandcamp in January 2017.
A new EP, entitled "Primordial Chaos Restored" will be released in Spring 2018.

Swedish Death Metal from Helsingborg.