fredag 17.12 - 2021


IRREAL (bcn)
JUNTA (k-town)
INDRE KRIG (k-town)

DJ Nightgaunt

kl. 20:00 - Entré 70,- (online sale only!)



Hey friends

After much consideration- going back and forth - and with the increase in good people (activists and band members) affected by the current Covid upswing - we no longer feel good about doing the gig tomorrow.

What at first felt like an important thing to do for the scene and our own mental health now feels irresponsible and kinda out of place....

We know it sucks but hope you understand the shitty situation

We will do our best to make it up to you all at the first possible opportunity

On behalf of Ataque Punk and Ungdomshuset.



Raw Barcelona hardcore punk as fuck!

JUNTA (k-town)
Local hardcore raw punk shit

INDRE KRIG (k-town)
Hardcore punk


DJ Nightgaunt