lørdag 26.02 - 2022


Farewell to Ole koncert

kl. 21:00 - Entré 150,-


First band 21.00 // Solbrud 22.30
Tickets: 150kr (presale through Billetto)

---- VIGTIG INFO !!! -----

Grundet COVID-19 blev koncerten den 15/01/2022 aflyst og er nu rykkede til lørdag den 26 februar.
Din gamle billet gælder stadig og skal blot fremvises på dagen.

Ønsker du at refundere din billet skal du sende en mail med kontaktoplysninger, konto og registreringsnummer samt billede eller pdf af din billet til solbrudofficial@gmail.com .
Fristen for refundering af billetter er søndag den 20/02/2022 og pengene minus gebyr vil være at finden på din konto senest den 01/03/2022.


An era is coming to an end: After finishing the recordings for our new album, Ole - our voice and stage center guitarist - has decided that he wants to direct all focus on his solo project Afsky and therefore no longer has the time required to be part of Solbrud.

Ole says: "It is with a certain sadness that I bid Solbrud farewell. It has been a tough decision to say goodbye to something that I was part of creating and that has been such a big part of my life the past almost 12 years. It has been an incredible journey which I'm very thankful for and I really do hope that the journey will continue in my absence - it is not my wish to put Solbrud in it's grave and I wish the rest of the band all the best in the future."

Solbrud says: "We part as good friends, have understanding for his choice and wish him all the best on his musical career. Of course, it's sad to part with Ole, but we are sure that we can continue with a new member in front. The foundation and direction was shaped before Ole completed the four-piece, and although he has been a huge part of what Solbrud is today, and we are grateful for that, we have no doubts that we can continue for at least another decade with a replacement in front."

We will be hosting a "Farewell to Ole" Solbrud concert at our breeding grounds - Ungdomshuset Dortheavej 61's Main Stage - on February 26th 2022.

On this night, one of our long-time favorite bands, with whom we've shared stages all across Denmark on numerous tours throughout the years, will be joining us. Expect nothing less than a blast!

All we'll say for now is that Ole's going out with a bang ... !