lørdag 12.03 - 2022

All you can eat VEGAN pizza in support of Ukraine

kl. 18:00 - Entré Donation based (suggested: min 25 dkk)



Copenhagen Straight Edge and Copenhagen Underground, in standing unconditionally against imperialism, want to provide practical solidarity to the people inside and outside of Ukraine who have been affected by the Russian state's war crimes. And what better way to generate support than to spend Saturday night with your comrades at an all you can eat buffet of the best food in the world - homemade vegan pizza.


Come down to Ungdomshuset on 12.3 at 18 for the festivities.


Price: donation based (suggested minimum 25 dkk)
We accept cash and mobilepay.


All funds raised will be split between two groups: Operation Solidarity and Fundacja Ocaleniee:
Operation Solidarity is a recently formed anti-authoritarian mutual aid group based in Kyiv who is providing humanitarian support (https://linktr.ee/operation.solidarity)
Fundacja Ocalenie is working at the Ukrainian/Polish border to provide food, transportation, psychological support and further assistance to all refugees coming to Poland.


Copenhagen Underground, in working with Ukrainian and Polish students and friends, has created an information directory for people in Ukraine, people who have fled/are fleeing Ukraine, and information for how you can practically support those need aid. We encourage you to share this wherever you can:


We hope to see you there